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uSoft provides you School ERP Modules

Library Management System

  • A. Acquisition
  • B. Cataloguing
  • C. Circulation
  • D.Serial control
  • E. Article Indexing
  • F. OPAC
  • G. Administration
  • H. Reports

Attendance Module

  • Mark Attendance with or without Biometric Machine
  • Attendance Verification
  • Employee Account Adjustments
  • Allowance/Tax management e.g. TDS, PF,OT etc.

General Stock Keeping

  • All the purchases made for the School.
  • Issue of the subsequent items to different departments, individuals or students.
  • Create kit for individual class and issue the same at the time of admission

Fee Management

  • Sale of Prospectus
  • Applications Received
  • Registrations
  • Admissions
  • Re-admissions
  • Readmore...

Academic Master

  • Class wise Subject Entry
  • Define grading standard
  • Assessment creation
  • Examination master setup
  • Readmore...